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Ethical Chocolate with Ethical Packaging

Here at Primrose Bees Wrap, we have a passion for world-class ethically sourced, delicious, quality chocolate. We thought it was only right that ethically sourced chocolate deserved ethical packaging, so this is where our custom bees wax wrapper for world-class chocolate was born. This delicious, dark, smooth and velvety chocolate comes plastic-free!  

Bean-to-bar is a chocolate making process, where the maker controls every step of the from cacao bean to chocolate bar. The bean-to-bar process has better control over the quality of their chocolate through this method.

Our bean-to-bar chocolate is more pure, and with fewer, simpler ingredients. Normally there are only two ingredients (cacao and sugar) or three ingredients (cacao, milk powder, and sugar). It also produces a healthier product, as it is a more natural process.

It gives producers greater control over the supply chain to ensure fair and humane business practices with the plantations. 

Single-origin chocolate is a simple idea. It’s chocolate that’s made from one variety of cacao harvested in one region. Why does this matter? Well, cacao is a plant. Like other plants, its beans take on the characteristics of the region where it’s grown—its terroir. Many terms used to describe single-origin chocolate will be familiar to wine lovers—earthy, floral, herbal and berry, to name a few.


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  • Paul Gillon

    Ethical produced chocolate in ethical packing, what a perfect combination.

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