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Care Instructions

Getting the longest life out of your Bee’s Wrap

How to use your wrap

  • Use the warmth of your hands to soften the wrap over the top of a bowl, a block of cheese, fruit and vegetables or a crusty loaf of bread to create a seal.

  • To protect ourselves we advise not to use wraps directly with raw meat. Wraps cannot be washed with hot water, any temperature more than 60°C will melt the beeswax.

How to clean wraps

  • Wash with a little dish soap and tepid water, leave to dry or wipe with a clean dry tea towel and use again and again!

How to store wraps

  • We generally store our wraps in a closed dry space or in their own little basket. You can also store them in a drawer with your tea towels or make an extra shelf for them.

How to revive wraps

  • If your wrap has been getting a lot of use and looking a little crumpled and tired, there’s an easy way to make it good as new. Follow the care instructions inside your wrap packaging.

  • At the end of your wraps handy life, add to your compost heap or worm farm, or roll them into balls and use as fire starters to light the fire in winter.