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Facial Clay Masks
Facial Clay Masks

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Facial Clay Masks

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Rich in minerals including Silica, clay masks help to restore and replenish skin, draw out impurities and lightly exfoliate. Gentle on sensitive skin, Clay can also help to reduce irritation and inflammation by soothing and balancing skin and promoting healthy cell renewal.

These masks are designed to add a small amount of water, essential oil (optional) or herbal tea & mix into a nice rich clay to exfoliate & hydrate at the same time. Rinse off with warm water & towel, then smooth on some Elixir/ natural moisturiser leaving your skin silky smooth. Lovingly hand made in New Zealand.


  1. Add 2 tbsp of clay into a small bowl.
  2. Add a tiny amount of herbal tea or water, add one drop of essential oil if desired.
  3. Start mixing the clay with a powder brush into a paste.
  4. Mix until there are no lumps and the mixture is smooth and has a spreadable consistency.
  5. Apply clay to the face & neck with a brush in an even layer.
  6. Let the mask set for 20 minutes or until completely dry. Rinse off the mask with warm water & towel.

White Kaolin Clay - Kaolin is a white super fine clay named after the hill in China from which it was mined for centuries for use in the making of China and Porcelain. It is particularly useful for oily and acne prone skin where it's drying and cleansing properties work well to help clear the skin.

French Pink Clay - Pink Clay improves skin softness and is ideal for all skin types. It is very soft and can be used on fragile, dehydrated or sensitive skin. It is often a favourite selection to use on the chest, thighs, stomach and upper arms due to its gentle, yet effective nature. It is also beneficial to use on mature skin.

Frolic Ceramics clay pinch bowls and glass spoons are handmade meaning each one is unique. The perfect vessel for mixing our facial clay masks for your skin routine or as a salt or condiment dish. Frolic ceramics are made by ceramic and glass artist Vicki Fanning. (Currently out of stock)

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