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Does Natural Deodorant Really Work?

Why Go Aluminium Free & Natural? When transitioning from using anti-perspirants (which block the sweat glands with aluminium salts) to natural deodorants (which both disguise and hinder odour formation), expect your armpits to go through some environmental adjustment. Because underarm antiperspirants or deodorants are applied near the breast and contain potentially harmful ingredients, several scientists have suggested a possible connection between their use and breast cancer.  Aluminium-based compounds are used as the active ingredient in antiperspirants. These compounds form a temporary “plug” within the sweat duct that stops the flow of sweat to the skin's surface. Some research suggests that aluminium-containing underarm antiperspirants, which are applied frequently and left on the skin near the breast, may be absorbed by the...

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5 benefits of storing your food in beeswax wraps

Bees wax wraps are a reusable alternative to plastic wrap. Change your habits for good by changing to reusable bees wraps for wrapping your food instead of single-use plastic! Then at the end of your bees wraps life, either compost it at home, use it as a natural fire starter or re-wax it using one of our DIY wax blocks to refresh it!  The average family uses 24 rolls of plastic cling wrap per year. Unfortunately cling wrap isn’t reusable and is rarely recycled.   5 benefits of storing your food in beeswax wraps: 1. Beeswax wraps last ages + save you money Reusable products are long-lasting, helping reduce waste and save money. Beeswax wraps are reusable and last up to...

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